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FORJ: Multi-channel fiber optic rotary joint (MXn series, SM & MM)


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MXn series multi-pass Fiberoptic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are compact multi-channel products. They connect 2-3 (Model MXnS) or 2-7 (Model MXn and MXnL) independent fiber channels simultaneously. They are ideal when combined with electrical slip rings or RF rotary joints or when space is tight in general. Though very small they still feature standard optical performance (<-60 dB crosstalk, <5 dB insertion loss, and >45 dB return loss). All channels can accommodate either singlemode or multimode fibers. It is also possible to combine the two types of fibers in one device. Choose the MXnL model if IP 65 rating is required.

Note: All insertion loss and return loss measurements are performed by joining the FORJ to the light source through fusion splice (without the use of connectors). Insertion loss of all receptacle type of FORJs, such as RST, RFC, and RFCX, are measured with connectors of similar type. Their return loss is not measured.

Wavelength 1270-1610 nm for SM; 850 and 1310 nm for MM
Insertion loss <5 dB (typical: 2-3 dB)
Insertion loss ripple ~+/-0.5 to 1 dB
Return loss (SM) >45 dB
Crosstalk >50 dB (typical: 63 dB)
Chromatic dispersion <0.01 ps/nm
Polarization mode dispersion <0.01 ps
Maximum speed 300 rpm
Pulling strength 10 N
Start up torque <1 Nm
Estimated life cycle 100-200 million revolutions
Optical power handling 23 dBm
Working temperature -20 to 65 C
Storage temperature -25 to 75 C
Package style Pigtails or receptacles (FC or ST; up to 3 channels)
Housing material Stainless steel
Fiber types SM or MM w/3 mm jacket (Kevlar/PVC or armor)
Connector types FC, SC, ST, SMA, LC or /APCs
Dimensions 44 mm dia. x 136 mm length
Weight ~1.5 kg
Vibration MIL-STD-167-1
Mechanical shock MIL-STD-810F
IP rating Up to IP 65

MXnS (n=2-3), MXn(n=2-7), or MXnL(IP65; n=2-7)- wavelength code- fiber code- connector code


Download PDF drawing for MXn
Download PDF drawing for MXnS
Download PDF drawing for MXnL
Download PDF drawing for MXnST
Download Solidworks 3-D drawing for MXn
Download Solidworks 3-D drawing for MXnS
Download Solidworks 3-D drawing for MXnL

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