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FP180 polisher

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Winner of 2008 SPIE/Laurin Publishing Prism Awards

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Princetel's PF180 series hand-crank fiber connector polisher is an award winning field polishing machine. It does not require power or battery and therefore is ideal for oil and gas environments where spark is prohibited. The machine can also be a perfect solution in a lab. There won't the frustrating moment when power adapter is missing.

The machine can be transformed into an electrical polishing machine with a powered screwdriver (not included). The driver provides fun and more consistent speed. When power is not available and/or battery is depleted, the hand-crank feature comes in extremely handy. Adjustable force ensures consistent finish for a wide variety of connector types and the number of connectors in the fixture.

Hand crank for power/battery-free operation
Powered screwdriver for speed consistancy (not included)
Polish up to two connectors or ferrules simultaneously
Quick release for convenient removal of polish fixture
Adjustable force for consistent surface finish and different ferrule sizes
Low center of gravity for high stability
Small footprint for multiple-machine operation
Quick-change mechanism allows speedy removal of polishing fixture
Universal fixture fits all connectors with the same ferrule diameter
Built-in reference plate for precise setting of ferrule protrusion

Turntable speed 100-180 rpm
Time control Manual
Planetary/spin speed ratio 1:50
Eccentric distance 5 mm
Force adjustment 0-1.2 kg (0-11.5 N)
Fixture capacity Up to 2 connectors/ferrules
Working temperature -20 to 65 C
Storage temperature -40 to 85 C
Suitable driver speed 100-180 rpm
Suitable driver torque 4.5 N-m (40 lb-in)
Driver inport port 1/4" HEX
Housing material Machined ABS
Weight (polisher) ~2.5 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh) 110x80x200 mm

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